Public bicycles have been providing citizens with convenience. However, On March 24, a student died from being hit by a truck on the road when he was riding a public bicycle in Shanghai. The boy was eleven year’s old.

A growing number of young students start to ride public bicycles on the road. According to the law of road traffic safety, only people above the age of twelve can ride bicycles or tricycles on the road.

Beijing Youth Daily reporters found that during the afternoon when students finished school, many parents ride public bicycles to pick up their children. Some parents let the children ride the bicycle for fun and they walk behind them, some ride another bicycle. Some students of higher grades who have smartphones can scan the QR code and use the bicycle on their own.

Reporters interviewed some parents about children riding bicycles on the road, and found that many parents don’t know about the regulation for teenagers. Most thought that it would be fine if parents stayed together with their children.

Teachers told reporters that they have been educating the children about the regulation on riding bicycles on the road. But it is hard to discipline them when they are not in the class.

Most public bicycle companies said that they have disclaimer to notify users before signing up for the service.

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