A post on Weibo by a mother of a primary school grade two student in Hangzhou recently raised up heated discussion on the sex education for students in China.

The mother complained that Sex Health Education Textbook for Primary School Students, the official textbook, contained introduction and pictures of male and female genitals, which is not appropriate for young students at age to approach. On March 4, Beijing Normal University, the editing group of the textbook, published an article on it official Weibo account to respond to the sex education in China.

The editing group explained that the purpose of editing the material complied exactly with the guidance of health education for primary school and middle school which was published by the Ministry of Education. The State Council also published the guidance of child development in 2011 emphasizing that sex education should be included in compulsory education system. The recent online discussion has led to controversies of sex education, but it also reminds people to focus on sex education for children.

The article also pointed out that due to the increased number of problems related to child sexual assault, campus and social sexual scandals, such as gender discrimination, unsafe sex among teenagers and abortion, thus, educating the children about sex is urgent.

The editing group expressed that when a child was sexual offended, they don’t even know how to describe, how can they be protected? That’s why it is important for children to know about their body and to protect themselves.

The editing group said that the younger the children start to know about fundamental sex knowledge, the less mistake they will make when they grow up.

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