China’s online food ordering platforms have been booming since the last two years., Meituan Waimai and Baidu Waimai kept expanding their business to attract more users to compete with each other. However, all of the three were found with problems regarding food safety.

In 2016, the three platforms have been investigated by Beijing Food and Drug Administration (BFDA) for many times. They were required to remove restaurants without official catering business license or food hygiene license issued by BFDA. Food delivery bags were also found never being cleaned.

In a recent investigation by BFDA, Meituan Waimai was still found problems of shared license and selling food that was not allowed to sell online. BFDA announced that all 34 restaurants without license or with fake license should be removed permanently from Meituan Waiwai. It is also setting up rules and regulations on platforms for required documents including photos of the kitchen, dining hall and the health certificate of the chef by the restaurants.

Duan Zhiyong, the deputy director of food service supervision department at BFDA, said that selling cold dishes on the online platforms is not allowed because making cold dishes requires professional process, any step that violates the standard can cause bacterial reproduction, which may lead to food poison.

By arranging frequent spot check and giving serious punishments on problem platform and restaurants, Beijing Food and Drug Administration is going to have stricter supervision on online food ordering platforms and restaurants.

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