On February 17, the Ministry of Education published new edition of Higher Education Students Regulation. The new edition added “students’ Complaint” which requires that all schools should build students’ complaint committee to report to local education department.

The new regulation also mentioned that college students who starts their own business will be supported by the government in terms of getting credit hours.

Universities are required to build students’ complaints committee to deal with students’ complaints of punishments. Committee members can be experts of law, education and related industries employed from the society by the school.

Education practitioners analyze that the new regulation focus more on protecting students’ rights. In the past, punishments for students are confirmed only by the departments and the school, students must accept the final decision. Now they have the chance to appeal to the school over various decisions.

Insiders also said that as well as completing the complaint regulation and procedure, government is required to have stricter supervision on the management of universities.

However, the new regulation stated that students who have serious plagiarism, faked or ghostwrite-theory and other violation in academic can be expelled and canceled degree.

To support students who start their own business, four new rules are published. New students can maintain their admission status and run business first. They can also ask for years off for doing business with simpler application procedure. Students also have the chance to switch their majors after approved by the university. Students who take part in entrepreneurship activities, published theories or gained patents, have remarkable achievements during internship that have the possibilities to transfer to credit hours.

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