Most Chinese people are familiar with handwriting posters, a special homework assigned by primary schools to practice students’ art and writing skills. The tradition has been passed down for decades. However, the tradition is being massively destroyed by paid service.

The end of February is the start of the new semester. Beijing Youth Daily reporters found that there were many people advertising recruitment for homework service. The job was to finish customers’ homework. The location is usually Capital Library of China or Chaoyang Library. The job covers lunch and the salary can be discussed.

There are many similar service providers online. Some are professional companies that offer systematic ghostwriting service, some can be found on and QQ chat groups.

The notice of a chat group named “Professional Ghostwriting Group” said that their business were not limited to location, subjects and forms. The group was founded in 2009 and they claimed to helped many people to finish different kinds of homework, some were oversea students. The group emphsized that their rich experience allow them to finish high quality work fast.

Not just copy articles, handwriting posters, handcrafts and other special homework were also popular. On a ghostwriting shop on, the sales of handwriting posters for primary school was over 1,300 last month.

Based on different sizes, they also offer customized service.

Shop owners told reporters that most of their clients are parents, but not students. In the comments under the service, most parents said that homework such as handwriting posters were always done by parents. One reason is because students have too much important homework to do, the other is that teachers criticize students who did not do the special homework carefully.

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