A man surnamed Gu recently found that his ETC account was stolen right in front of his eyes at the toll gate.

On February 13, Gu was at the ETC toll gate of Jingkai Expressway. Gu said that in front of him was a Beijing license car that drove very slowly. Gu was behind the car and followed him to move. Later Gu noticed that the screen showed that the car in front of him did not have an ETC card. But Gu was so close to the car that the system scanned his ETC and allowed the former car to leave. Gu’s car was hit by the lever and the other car drove was gone.

Gu said that he had to take his ETC card out and swipe it again. He was also misunderstood by the officer that he was the one who tried to escape.

Gu contacted the Shoufa Group Sutong Company. The company confirmed that the car in front of Gu illegally escaped. The company also promised to repair his car if it was broken by the lever.

Gu said that he suddenly stopped when the lever went down and the car behind him nearly hit him.

The spokesperson of Sutong Company said that the situation seldom happened. However, the system have clear record that helped drivers to get the stolen money back.

According to the company, cars and trucks that escaped toll gate will be listed in the blacklist.

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