A netizen who claimed to be an employee of Shaanxi Aokai Cables Co., Ltd. recently post an article exposing that electronic cables in Xi’an subway line 3 were unqualified.

Five kinds of electronic cables in Xi’an subway line 3 used for supporting the subway assistant system were confirmed disqualified by Jin Qun, the deputy director of National Cables Supervision and Investigation Center of Xi’an government, on the press conference on March 20. Eight staff of Aokai Company, the producer of the problem electronic cables, were detained by police for more investigation.

The Aokai employee also pointed out that when Xi’an subway line 3 was under cable construction, Xi’an Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision had spot checks on the cables for many times. The results showed that the cables failed the investigations. But the corporate representative Wang Zhiwei changed the investigation results of the electronic cables to “Pass” through his personal connection.

After the exposure, Aokai Company claimed that their cables were certified with national verification.

On March 21, after the investigation by Xi’an police, Wang Zhiwei admitted that their company supplied cables of 40 million yuan for Xi’an subway line 3, more than 75 percent of cables of which were unqualified products.

Beijing Youth Daily reporters found online that Aokai Company also provides cables to subway projects of different cities. Chengdu has begun to set up investigation team on cables in subway line 1 and trains after the press conference. Chongqing announced on March 21 that Aokai cables were not found in the city subway lines.

Deng Xiaoquan, professor of electricity equipment at Xi’an Jiaotong University said that the problem cables were used in assistant system in the subway so it would not affect the safety of the subway. However, chief engineer of Xi’an subway said that they are replacing the problem cables in closing hours after the press conference.

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