A man surnamed Cheng from Sichuan province is engaged in a lawsuit with SF-Express, one of the largest delivery companies in China.

At the beginning of the year, Cheng asked SF-Express to deliver two valuable items from Sichuan to Zhengzhou, Henan province. He kept telling the deliveryman that the two pieces of porcelain were precious and valuable, and asked the deliveryman to wrap the items up carefully to ensure they would not break. Cheng also took pictures of original items.

The package arrived after two weeks. However, the recipient refused to sign for the parcel because the edge of the items were damaged.

According to Cheng, the porcelain were two green shade plates with the pattern of two fish on each one. The porcelain dates back to Song dynasty and it was sold at 120,000 yuan. The delivery accidents not only failed the deal, it also caused great loss to Cheng.

SF-Express confirmed that the items were authentic but they said that Cheng didn’t buy insurance for his items, so the SF-Express only agreed to compensate Cheng 500 yuan for each plate. If Cheng had bought the 600 yuan insurance, he would have received a compensation of 120,000 yuan, the full price of his items.

According to the Postal Law, delivery accidents, including package damage and loss should be compensated with the full price of the package, even if the package is not ensured. The compensation shall not exceeds three times the delivery fee. The law only works on postal deliveries, but most delivery companies also use the law as their standards. The incomplete delivery law cause dispute of delivery lawsuit.

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