Jianghu Bar is hosting Sunday night blues jam sessions. Admission is free for both musicians and listeners.

The sessions are led by members of Mojo Hand, one of the most powerful blues bands in China. The members of Mojo Hand band are professional musicians who meet to share their love of blues.

Wei Wei is a well-known blues guitarist reputed to be the “Chinese Stevie Ray Vaughan” who teaches modern blues. Currently he performs as the guitarist of Mizang Band and Hangtian, two Chinese blues bands. In June, Wei Wei visited the US with two other blues players to study music. The 40-day trip followed the development of blues, and the trio performed 20 shows across the states.

Wang Zheng, the bassist, went with Wei Wei on the US trip. Wang has cooperated with blues musicians both in and out of China. His partnership credits include projects with Billy Branch, Willie Buck and Tom Bolland, as well as Chinese bands such as Mizang, Hangtian and The Nightcrawlers.

Zhang Xiaosong plays harmonica in the band. He has cooperated with many Chinese singers such as Han Hong, Sun Nan, Ye Pei and Li Ronghao. He was also invited to Sing My Song to play blues harmonica in the final round. He had cooperated with international artists and founded the blues harmonica website Tenholes.com.

Wu Zhijun plays drum for Mojo Hand and other indie bands. Wu Zhijun is the best known blues and jazz drummer in China.

March 26, 9pm
7 Dongmianhua Hutong, Dongcheng

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