On this year’s World Consumer Rights Day, CCTV exposed that baike.com, a popular online encyclopedia, illegally gained profit by advertising for illegal advertisement and fake products.

After the annual report conference on TV on March 15, baike.com immediately deleted fake entries on their websites, including advertisers such as Jizao 5S, B365 enzyme, liver nutrient, neuron acid and Xianrenbian.

According to the Food Safety Law, advertisement of food should not contain exaggerated facts. Disease prevention and treatment are also banned to be used in food advertisement. The advertisement of Jizao 5S produced by Shanghai Zhiyuan Company claimed that the product effectively stops tumors from growing bigger.

As well as health care products, there are also “medical professions” on the website. The entry of Shaanxi Yongshou Traditional Chinese Medicine Outpatient Service of Shao Xiaozheng showed that the medical center was located in Yongshou County in Shaanxi province with a history of more than 100 years. According to investigations by CCTV, Shao Xiaozheng’s diploma in Chinese traditional medicine and his medical service certificate were all forged.

CCTV reporters said that there are two types of advertisement on baike.com, free service and paid service. Illegal content was banned and hidden at first. It can be shown after the company completed the payment.

Reporters tried paying 4,800 yuan to post a forged health care product and the illegal descriptions were all shown on the page of the entry. The advertisement about a person’s qualification sells for 1,980 yuan.

Now baike.com deleted all the illegal entries on their website. Haidian branch of Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce is doing investigations on more contents on the website after the annual report conference.

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