Scam artists posing as doctors have been contacting users on WeChat and offering to issue prescriptions for various ailments over the chat client.

Yuan, one of the doctors who had his profile image stolen and used by a fraudulent account, said he was furious to see someone abusing his name and reputation.

When Yuan contacted the person, who was posing as him on WeChat, and asked him to remove the image, the user instead added him to his blacklist.

Reporters contacted the fake account in January and found it was still using Yuan’s portrait. During the conversation, the user claimed to be a “certified doctor” and wrote a prescription for medicine costing 995 yuan.

The user insisted he is an experienced doctor who has cured many patients. One former patient surnamed Wu disagreed.

“He told me to take the prescribed medicine for three months, but nothing happened,” Wu said.

Wu said he had his doubts about the “doctor” and asked for his full name and the hospital where he practices. The user responded with his surname and an ambiguous address. “It’s not a big hospital. Just a small clinic with no name,” he said.

Zhang Zhang, deputy director of Dongzhimen Hospital Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, said that although some doctors use WeChat to communicate with their patients, no real doctor would try to operate a clinic on WeChat.

“No doctor can cure patients with just the information obtained in a chat. It’s impossible,” Zhang said.

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