Beijing Today has been interviewing indie bands and players in China. Here are some of the most popular ones. Don’t miss their concerts if you like their style.

Mosizzyshy is an indie musician from Sichuan province and a member of the Yi ethnic minority. His music is something he calls “psychedelic folk of the mountains” because of its open and free style.

His representative works include Plain, Must Die in Your Hands and Don’t Be Afraid.

Before becoming a musician, Mosizzyshy worked on a farm and fooled around on the mountains of his hometown with his siblings. They often took the bus to a neighboring country that had occasional live music shows.

Zhenren Band
Zhenren Band is the only band in Beijing that plays early blues, the music of rural Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. The sound is like a combination of Robert Johnson, Blind Blake and other blues masters with acoustic guitar, modern electric guitar, harmonica and electric slide guitar.

Zhenren Band has three members: Peter Murchison from the US, Richard Barnes from the UK and Zhang Xiaosong from China.

Large Magellanic
The Large Magellanic Cloud is the third closest galaxy to the Milky Way and located in the southern hemisphere about 20° from pole. It’s also a Chinese indie band that plays electric psychedelic Britpop.

The band’s name represents their desire to reach the stars, their admiration for Magellan and their goal of making music that captures the mystery of the cosmos.

Large Magellanic was founded in 2014 by vocalist Sui Xiyan and guitarist Qu Peng. Their promiscuous approach to musical styles and love of warm musical atmospheres lend the band a sound both psychedelic and imaginative.

Windsor Forest
Founded in 2014 and named for the band’s first song, Windsor Forest is the brainchild of guitarist Yan Zhenhua.

Windsor Forest uses simple drums, soft guitar to create romantic atmosphere – one that Yan believes has the power to ‘cure’ listeners. “We play Brit rock and pop, but our music is not as noisy as what you usually hear in the indie scene. Audiences always feel warm when listening to our songs,” he says.

Founded in an old Beijing alley in the winter of 2001, Mizang began as a project of lead singer Han Yu and his friends. In the years since, the band has picked up guitarist Wei Wei, a student of the Stevie Ray Vaughan school of string raking, seasoned bassist Wang Zheng and drummer Liu Lingchuan, who has been active in the scene since 1994.

Mizang settled on blues and old rock almost as soon as they got the idea to start a band. The name was picked on impulse because of its “cool sound,” but as the members began using it they found it carried a bit of Eastern mystique.

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