Pixel Echo is presenting its collection of artists working in the fields of new media, decoration, experimental music and classical cello on February 18 at Yue Space.

Featured artists include founder Hong Qile, who is releasing his debut album Pixel³, visual design artist Bi Zhenyu, band Dreaming Julie and electronic musician Fencha.

Bi is a visual designer and digital interactive designer. He is known for his work in real-time generation and image control with the group Neuron. Since 2010, Bi has been participating music festivals and adding visual effects to live shows.

Dreaming Julie was founded in Beijing in 2015. Most of the musicians are in their late 30s and work in a variety of fields. The band combines instruments with sound effects.

Fencha is a versatile artist who works at the crossroads of music, design, programming and hardware. He is currently providing interactive design for concerts using his talents in music, graphics and programming.

Hong Qile, the founder of Pixel Echo and Bwave, a famous music label in Beijing, is releasing his debut album. Kan Min is the former art director of an opera training center who is now experimenting with light decor.

February 18, 9-11:30pm
7 Banqiaonan Xiang, Beixinqiao, Dongcheng
80 yuan (pre sale), 100 yuan (at door)

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