Changdian’s Spring Festival temple fair is known for its crowds of vendors selling regional foods. It’s not the shopping atmosphere in which one would expect to find the creative products of Beijing No. 35 Middle School International Department.

Chu Yuchen, head of the Academic Venture Incubator at the International Department of the school, said the students sold 50 chicken dolls including honey chickens, folk chickens, pink chickens, necklace chickens, chicken trees, Tang suit chickens, oversized chickens and other items related to the year’s Zodiac animal. Each was priced between 5 yuan and 100 yuan.

Students sold more than 800 chicken dolls during the first three days of the temple fair.

The organizing teacher said proceeds would be used to establish a scholarship fund for students at Danzhai Zhicheng Primary school in Guizhou province.

Wang Hongjun, deputy headmaster and principal of the International Department at Beijing No. 35 Middle School, said the idea came from British students who sold their handmade products during Christmas.

The Academic Venture Incubator of the school was founded in 2014 to provide Chinese students with similar opportunities.

Wang said the project gave students a chance to experience the full creative industry business chain starting from product design to research and development, marketing and sales.

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