A building regulation change passed in Beijing in 2014 has been pushing out the capital’s popular wholesale markets and other popular but “unhealthy” developments.

Lu Yan, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform, said the new trend of forcing out wholesale markets won’t cause unemployment in the long term. “Based on the data we have seen, the figures are heading in a healthy direction,” Lu said.

The Beijing Zoo area used to have 13 wholesale markets. Since the new restrictions, that number has fallen to five.

“The days when people went to shop near the Beijing Zoo are quickly being forgotten,” Lu said, “Most of the markets have relocated to Hebei province. Its administrators have promised similar treatment to Beijing, but the businesses have no real hope in the short term.”

“It took almost 30 years for the markets near the Beijing Zoo to reach maturity,” Lu said, “The new locations in Hebei are in their infancy and will require support from government and merchants to progress.”

The areas near the Beijing Zoo once occupied by markets are being demolished and converted into schools and supermarkets, Lu said.

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