Ritual Day is releasing their second album on January 6 at Yugong Yishan in a performance with guest band Evil Thorn.

Known as one of the top Chinese indie acts of the last 20 years, Ritual Day specializes in black metal. Fourteen years ago, the band released their first album Sky Lake, a romantic dark metal collection which surprised Chinese and foreign listeners. The album was one of the first Chinese albums released abroad.

The group attracted the interest of Sam Dunn, a Canadian filmmaker. Sam interviewed Ritual Day and told their story in his Global Metal documentary.

But following that success, Ritual Day went through several lineup changes and slowly vanished from the national eye.

In 2016, Nongyong, Pei Lei, Zhang Mo and Guo Peng ¬– four new members – reformed Ritual Day and started to record 11 new songs for Devila Grantha. The new album is darker than the first, and the music has extreme rhythm. The band adds elements of Tibetan Buddhism in their songs.

The new album was produced by Stage-One Studio, managed by music producer Andy Classen.

January 6, 8-11 pm
3-2 Zhangzizhong Lu, Dongcheng
80 yuan (pre sale), 120 yuan (at door)

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