Dusk Dawn Club is hosting its last show before Spring Festival. The Goodbye 2016 party will include performances by The Peppercorns, Rhonda, 4 Channels Club, The Glamour Manifesto and Anxt, five foreign bands with very different styles.

The Peppercorns play psychedelic rock reminiscent of the 1970s. Their songs are rich with vintage guitars and experimental synths for something both nostalgic and fresh.

Rhonda is a post rock band founded two years ago. Their music is heavily influenced by Mogwai, Sonic Youth, Tool and Fugazi.

Anxt is an indie musician from Cape Town who plays electric music. He came to Beijing to learn the city’s voice and incorporate it into his brand of hip-pop. Anxt is also a member of the popular new band Macondo, where he lends his electronic skills to the group’s songs.

The Glamour Manifesto is an Italian electronic-rock band from Venice. The band was founded in 2006 by Armen Simonpour (vocalist, guitarist) and Mattia Cecchetto (drums, percussion, programs). In 2016, Danish music producer Jonas ‘Jelly’, who plays keyboard, joined the band.

4 Channels Club was founded in 2015 by Ma Yao, guitarist of the group Grinding Ear. They play chiptune music inspired by the sounds of 1980s video games.

Admission includes a discount on beer.

January 21, 8-11 pm
14 Shanlao Hutong, Dongcheng
50 yuan (pre sale); 60 yuan (at door)

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