As Chinese families begin having their second children, kindergartens and daycare centers are struggling to keep up with the growth in enrollment.

Training organizations have seized on the opportunity to expand their business, offering classes similar to public kindergartens. But few such schools are qualified to safely supervise children.

The Saierweisi Education Center Yujinxiangshe Community in Yizhuang was spotted leaving children unattended from when parents dropped them off at 8 am until their first class began at 8:30 am.

Parents usually returned to the center to take their children to lunch and dropped them off again.

Parents told Beijing Youth Daily reporters that many children had lunch at the center. It also offered beds for the children to use after lunch and would board them until parents got off work.

A spokesperson for Saierweisi Education Center said it only provides pre-school education, not kindergarten.

Daxing District has many similar organizations that are not qualified to provide such services.

Schools which do not meet the minimum requirements of offering an independent area, sand boxes, swimming pools, gardens and qualified teachers are still favored by parents frustrated with the limited openings in public school and its curriculum.

Children are generally left to play in public kindergartens. At training schools, children learn chess, English, math and other subjects.

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