Four Chinese tourists were arrested by police in Duabi for attempting to use counterfeit money.

Yang Yu (pseudonym) and 20 colleagues went to Dubai, United Arab Emirates on December 22. Five days into their trip, Yang and a man surnamed Xuan ended up in trouble when they paid US dollars at a duty-free shop on the morning of December 28.

The store clerk called the police, and Yang, Xuan and two colleagues were arrested on suspicion of using counterfeit currency.

A police interpreter told Yang that the shop assistant said his dollars were fake. Yang said all the notes used by his group were obtained from a bank in China before they left for their trip.

Police instructed Yang and his colleagues to show them all of their dollars. Dubai police found the four had 28 fake $100 notes in total.

After being detained for 27 hours, the four were permitted to make a statement to local police.

At 4 am on December 29, they asked to have their passports returned. By 1 pm, police said they would have to wait until Monday to receive their travel documents as police were still investigating their case.

The Chinese Embassy in Dubai told Beijing Youth Daily that passing fake dollars is prosecuted as a financial crime in Dubai. Dubai police may investigate for several weeks before deciding whether the tourists used the fake notes on purpose.

On January 18, Dubai police contacted the Chinese Embassy in Dubai to inform them the case had been handed over to a local judicial department.

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