On January 24, Zhang Lizhong, the spokesperson of China National Tourism Administration, announced that China has taken actions to stop all cooperation with APA hotel.

On January 12, a traveler named KatAndSid from the US post a video on social media. KatAndSid lived in APA hotel in Tokyo, a chain hotel brands in Japan and North America. She was surprised to find many books written by Shimototani Toshio, the CEO of the hotel about Nanjing Massacre. In the books, the writer denied the history of Nanjing Massacre and the existence of Korean comfort women. The writer also claimed that the so-called “the crimes of Japan” was a lie made up by the US in order to project atomic bomb.

Shimototani Toshio not only displayed these book in the hotel, he also teaches young Japanese people about the “nonsense” of China and Korea.

After KatAndKid’s video was post, netizens criticized the hotel and Shimototani Toshio. However, the APA Group post an announcement on its official website on January 17 that the hotel will not remove the books. They also attached the full article about Nanjing Massacre.

The office of China National Tourism Administration in Japan communicated with Japan about the issue and required the hotel to remove all the related books.

On January 22, Shimototani Toshio said that the hotel will never remove the books. He also said that the people will forget about the issue after several months.

China National Tourism Administration has required tourism companies, tourism e-commerce platforms to stop all cooperation and advertisement of the APA hotel.

Hua Chunying, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said on the conference on January 23 that the mayor of Nagoya should follow his promise to kneel down to apologize for their crimes. Hua also said that China will take actions to follow up with the issue. Chinese netizens are also angry about the attitude of the hotel and start to advocate resisting the hotel.


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