Angang is a technique in Mahjong: it’s also the name of a one-man band.

Indie singer-song writer Angang released his first two albums You’ai and Chang Yao in 2013, which brought him some attention in China’s indie circle. Last year, Angang crowdfunded the pressing of his third album Yinian and began a nationwide tour.

Angang is good at promoting himself on social media and has won many fans since his first album. Small concerts in bars and clubs often fail to draw an audience, but his concerts across the county pack crowds.

His songs use only a guitar, a loop and an effects box, but each is very different. Angang is also good at impromptu singing and composing.

At the age of 33, when most men were starting families or pursuing career success, Angang decided to came to Beijing to perform music.

For the last stop of his new album tour, Angang is performing his new songs and popular hits.

January 14, 8:30-11pm
3-2 Zhangzizhong Lu, Dongcheng
100 yuan (pre sale), 120 yuan (at door)

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