Tang Wan artistic journey began in childhood with a supportive mother. From an early age, painting was her biggest hobby and she spent most of her time engaged in various artistic pursuits.

Tang finished her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Ukraine, a country she came to consider a second home.

“Some people choose to see ugliness in the world. I choose to see beauty,” she said of her work. “I want to pursue something that is lasting, pure, and naturally present in life.”

On the Way Back is one of her painting completed while living in Ukraine. The final project was her graduate work, and one that helped her discover the true meaning of creation. “I prepared nearly a year from research to my first drift. I really put my heart into it,” she said.

The painting combines a love of nature, passion and memories of her hometown. Tang said it is her favorite painting.

Most of her work focuses on the time she spent in Ukraine. The Memory in Ukraine and Impression of Ukraine were created after she returned to China. Tang said she felt a profound nostalgia for her chilly second home.

Ukraine only has a summer and winter, and Tang focuses on the winter in her images. She employs warm colors that reflect her positive emotion and bathe each scene in sunshine.

“Winter in Ukraine is cold, but deep in my heart I always felt warm and positive,” she said.

Her Fairy Tales show the gloomy side of life abroad. In Tang’s Blue Castle, she conveys a bit of the sadness she found in life. The images contain a cold feeling that is quite at contrast to the warm woods in her other works.

“Everybody has their ‘Blue Castle’ hidden in their heart, but most people never think about it,” she said.

While most of her attention is dedicated to the positive, she doesn’t entirely ignore the negatives. “He Xuan” is one of her works that is more ambiguous, with its dark depiction of dying lotus flowers.

But her explanation of the image does much to counter the negative atmosphere. “Although they are dying, deep in the water there is new life in the mud. That represents something bright – it is about hope,” she said.

In her home workstation she has several pot plants on the windowsill. “I painted so many images about Ukraine, but when I looked at those plants a new idea jump into my head. I’m going to paint the sunshine,” she said.

The potted plants represent an attachment to the light: they are shaped in a positive way by nature. In her coming works, Tang aims to express those noble qualities that represent beauty in life.

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