Modernsky Lab is having a Christmas Rock party on December 25. Xuefengche, Kepler, MLM, Dream Garden, Source Code, Meguanme, Band 797 and Huagai will join the party.

Xuefengche was founded in 2009 by five passionate and aggressive boys. Their music is mainly about their experience of becoming mature. They cooperated with many other famous bands, some of whom share the same idea and some of whom hold different opinions on music. The members learned from them to absorb different idea and enrich their music.

Kepler was founded in 2010. The band plays heavy rock and the member like interacting with their audiences. Audiences are easy to find that the band has the feature of Beijing because all the members are local beijingers.

MLM is also a band from Beijing. They play all kinds of styles. In August, 2015, the band took part in the 10th Palm Expo Competition and went in the final round. They also participated in the roadshow for donation to help leukemia children. Their most popular work include Hello Hello, You Really Get Her, I Love Beijing and Forgive Me.

Dream Garden is the champion band of Midi National Band Contest Beijing Region in 2011, top twelve of Summer Sonic Asian Band Competition in 2012. Their songs ranked top on Chinese rock list for long.

Source Code was founded in 2013. The band plays Thrash metal and alternative metal combined with hard rock. All members of the band have more than ten years’ experience of professional music player. In April this year, the band released their new EP album Ganggui Yushen.

[time]December 25, 10-11:30 pm
5-108, B1 Tower D, Galaxy SOHO, Docheng
60 yuan (pre sale), 80 yuan (at door)

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