Clubs throughout the capital are preparing to ring in the New Year, and Modernsky Lab is no exception with its lineup of indie artists.

Whai, founded in 2012, is the pioneer of Chinese psychedelic rock. The band’s four members belong to different ethnic groups of China. Their diverse backgrounds blend in a creative but distinctly Chinese style.

Steely Heart was founded in 2007, and their album Champion and Dragon King made them one of Beijing’s most popular indie bands. Their songs are easy to follow and fans always sing along. The band’s earlier catalog consisted mostly of English songs, but today they are focusing on writing in Chinese.

Since 2008, Twinkle Stars has been one of Beijing’s top power pop and alt rock groups. They have participated in Midi, Strawberry and other big music festivals and have joined foreign bands on their Beijing performances. In 2012, Twinkle Stars released their first album The End of the New Beginning, which received positive reviews.

Dafei is a Beijing-based singer, guitarist and composer who plays the blues. After years of working as a producer, Dafei struck out as an indie musician on the capital’s stage.

December 30, 8:30 pm
5-108, B1 Tower D, Galaxy SOHO, Dongcheng
100 yuan (pre sale), 120 yuan (at door)

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