The Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau clarified its rules on working residence permits and residence permits during a press conference on December 9.

People who apply for a work permit before December 31 will not be required to apply for a separate residence permit, the bureau said. However, all Chinese green card holders will have to apply for residence permits from the start of next year.

The bureau said there has been widespread confusion about residence and working residence permits, with many holders mistakenly believing them to be the same. While people may have either or both of the permits, the two cannot replace each other.

Applying for a working residence permit does not cost anything. Some agencies attempt to bill people for the application – usually as part of a package that includes document forging to support unqualified applicants.

The bureau cautioned that the use of forged documents may cause applicants to be blacklisted in the future.

Residence permits are intended for people who come from another city to live and work in Beijing. Working residence permits require applicants to have a number of years of employment experience, a degree, a diploma, a working title and proper tax situation.

While individuals can apply for residence permits, working residence permits are only available to companies who elect to sponsor their employees.

Those who hold working residence permits may purchase a home, purchase a private car and enroll their children in local public schools. Residence permits holders can access social insurance and obtain hukou through the city’s point system.

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