Pasteurised milk is a kind of milk received low-temperature sterilization. Unlike UHT milk, the process is not intended to kill all bacteria in the milk therefore retains the original flavor of milk. For its nutrition and flavor, pasteurised milk has huge popularity among Chinese customers.

Since an increasing number of imported milk products flooding into China, Chinese customers now prefers the imported brands more for food safety consideration. However, reporters from Beijing Youth Daily spot that in some supermarkets, the shop deliberately puts UHT milk in refrigerator as pasteurised milk to win more money.

UHT milk means milk being sterilized under ultra high temperature. The extreme temperature kills almost all germs in milk. Without having bacteria inside, the UHT milk has a much longer shelf life than pasteurised milk and is unnecessary to be chilled.

Tian, a lady in one supermarket at Qingnianlu, stands in front of the imported refrigerated milk shelf. Without reminder from reporter, Tian didn’t notice that the milk she took just from a refrigerator was actually a cold-storage-free UHT milk.

“I didn’t notice what the milk’s packaging says. I thought all milk in cold storage is pasteurised milk,” Tian said.

Song Liang, a dairy industry analyst, explains supermarkets’ insist on misplacing the UHT milk.

“Since there is a 30 to 50 percent increase in slotting fee for refrigerated zone, supermarket managers wins more money to transfer UHT milk into cold storage area,” Song said. “ Especially when pasterised milk is sold better than UHT milk which has a two times lower price tag.”

Song reminds customers that real foreign milk brands require a relative long time to enter China. For pasteurised milk with short expiry, the milk’s authenticity on market now is questionable.

“Considering the the difficulty in transportation and import process, authentic pasteurised milk is actually hard to access the Chinese market,” says Song.

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