Indie musicians Andres Godoy, Agustin Amigo and Huang Jiawei are coming to Yugong Yishan for a joint concert under the theme of Never Give Up.

Godoy is a guitarist and composer from San Antonio. His parents gave him his first guitar when he was 10, and he learned to play on his own. Within two years Godoy became a popular musician in his neighborhood. A serious accident cost him his right arm and left him with shattered ribs, broken legs, a damaged spine and serious paralysis.

The accident did little to damage his passion for life and music, and Godoy invented his own musical style: Tatap. He is one of the world’s only one-armed classical guitar players.

In 2007, Andres published Tatap: Technique for Guitar with One Hand and started to travel the world to encourage people with his perseverance and music.

Agustin Amigo is a Spanish musician and traveler. He travels the world to collect cultural elements for his music, writing songs about each city he visits. He finishes each song in his personal studio.

Huang Jiawei is an Indonesian guitar player from Taiwan. He left home at a young age and his guitar has followed him ever since. Huang has worked as a part-time singer in restaurants. His music reflects the sound of south Asia and classic chords of the ancient east.

November 6, 8-11 pm
3-2 Zhangzizhong Lu, Dongcheng
180 yuan (pre sale), 220 yuan (at door), 380 yuan (VIP)

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