Mosizzyshy is an indie musician from Sichuan province and a member of the Yi ethnic minority. His music is something he calls “psychedelic folk of the mountains” because of its open and free style.

His representative works include Plain, Must Die in Your Hands and Don’t Be Afraid.

Before becoming a musician, Mosizzyshy worked on a farm and fooled around on the mountains of his hometown with his siblings. They often took the bus to a neighboring country that had occasional live music shows.

Mosizzyshy started to learn guitar in middle school. Unlike many who start at that age, he was not inspired by any particular style of music. For the most part, Mosizzyshy didn’t even know what music was.

As an adult, Mosizzyshy graduated from a university and taught himself Japanese. He took a job translating for a Japanese company, but left soon to pursue a career in music.

In 2007, Mosizzyshy came and found work as a tour guide for Japanese tourists, kindergarten teacher, translator and salesman. He often visited the city’s concerts to make friends and connections in the indie scene.

He soon became friends with Shanying Band and found a path to his music dream.

He wrote Don’t Be Afraid in 2008, which was featured on an album by Shanying Band. The song was presented during the summer The Voice of China singing competition in 2012, bringing Mosizzyshy’s work to a much wider audience.

In 2014, Mosizzyshy took part in the original song competition Sing My Song, which made him a major figure in the local indie scene.

Outside of his performing career, Mosizzyshy has also written music for films, plays and dances.

November 26, 8:30 pm
7 Banqiaonan Xiang, Beixinqiao, Dongcheng
100 yuan (pre sale), 120 yuan (at door)

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