Longjin Band, the only girls’ reggae band in China, was founded in Beijing in 2007. Longjin combines folk music, reggae, funk and dub with soft melodies and meaningful lyrics.

The band is celebrating its 9th anniversary on November 12 at Yue Space.

Longjin released its first EP Wind and Cloud in 2009. Their song “The South” was produced by Michael Wagner, one of the top rock mixers whose credits include albums by Queen, Oasis and other bands. The song was nominated by Douban as the best rock in 2011.

“The South” also won the first prize at the Japan Summer Sonic in China, an award by the Music Radio Rock Party held by China National Radio, and fourth place in Best Chinese Albums in November 2011.

In 2012, Longjin’s documentary aired on CCTV Music. The band also released The City Light, another EP.

The band has performed with international artists such as reggae star Perfect Giddimani during their China performance. In July, Longjin was nominated as the most creative musicians in a project held by the Ministry of Culture and China Association of Performing Arts.

Longjin is a regular at Chinese music festivals. This year, they have performed in the provinces of Zhejiang, Hebei, Anhui and Shandong to share their music.

The band is celebrating their 9th birthday by reviewing their past hits during Saturday’s show.

November 12, 9-11 pm
Yue Space, 7 Banqiaonan Xiang, Beixinqiao, Dongcheng

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