Lanxi Bai is hosting a party headlined by the Sino-American rock group Eluvia on November 19. Post and pre-concert events include card games and karaoke competitions.

Eluvia is an indie band with four Americans and one Chinese musicians. The band might be best recognized for their unusual use of the yangqin, a Chinese hammered dulcimer.

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Doug McGee is the heart of the band. Doug has a professional studio in Wangjing where he uses simple equipment to make music that amazes audiences. Originally from Hawaii, McGee is one of the few Americans able to sing in the traditional Mongolian khoomei style.

Ben Whitmore is from Missouri. He plays bass and keyboard in the band. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in music and spent several years performing in classical choirs and orchestra.

Chris Gaertner is from North Carolina and speaks fluent Sichuan dialect, a consequence of his master’s degree in linguistics at Southwest Jiaotong University. Chris plays bass as well as mandolin and banjo.

Tingting is the band’s Chinese member. She began studying yangqin when she was five years old and majoring in the instrument at university. She has composed more than 50 songs, many of which were used as the background music of micro films.

Jason Coffey is a professional drummer and a drum teacher from Georgia.

November 19, 8-11 pm
183 Jiugulou Dajie, Xicheng
Free (for females) or 80 yuan (at door)

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