Beijing real estate agents were caught fibbing about their commission percentages during a spot check by the National Development and Reform Commission on October 4.

When officers visited a branch of the real estate agency Woaiwojia on Zhichun Road, Haidian District, a company agent claimed his 2.7 percent commission was set by the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee. However, current regulations say the commission percentage is determined by the agency.

“Lying about one’s commission can carry a fine of up to 5,000 yuan,” the officer said. The branch was issued a warning about the negative effect such lies may have on customers.

In addition to dishonest answers, several agencies refused to inform customers about their commission price scheme.

Xiongjiaweiye, an agency on Kexueyuan South Road, failed to post a notice in the shop, but the branch director claimed the commission was 1 percent.

The director attempted to explain the missing notice by saying it was “blown away by the wind” several days before. Officers found the pricing notice on a folded advertisement banner in the rear of the shop.

“Printing commission percentages on banners is against regulations,” a construction committee officer said.

A spokesperson for the National Development and Reform Commission said the team visited 20 agencies in the districts of Daxing, Tongzhou and Fangshan.

Most newly-opened apartments and secondhand apartments were found to follow the regulations. Three agencies were labeled “problematic” and scheduled for further investigation.

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