Indie singer Heizipei used to perform on the streets when he worked as a security guard in Guomao. He stayed in the capital for eight years while trying to scrape by.

Today he has a solo album and a sizable fan following.

In 1997, Heizipei worked in the Forestry Bureau of a remote city in Sichuan province. He dreamed about seeing the world, or at least the capital, while slaving away at his manual labor job.

Two years later, Heizipei quit and went to Tibet alone. He soon ended up an alcoholic and a gambler. Within a year, he lost everything.

The decision to pursue a music career shocked his family. Everyone advised him to put his dreams on hold and find a stable job.

In 2002, Heizipei took a job in a cotton factory in Sanjiang County, Sichuan. He worked in the factory for two years and saved some money to invest in music. But a bout with chronic pharyngitis wiped out his savings.

Nevertheless, Heizipei wouldn’t give up. He bought a songwriting book and started to learn music composition.

In 2004, Heizipei took his 10 original songs to Beijing. During the following six years, Heizipei washed cars, carried beer bottles, worked in gas stations and stood guard in front of buildings to support himself in the big city.

In 2010, Heizipei appeared in a popular in a club near Workers’ Stadium. But he realized that a one-off show wouldn’t help his songs to find an audience.

Two years later, Heizipei put out his debut EP Old Classmate. This year he has been on a national tour to bring his songs to more ears

October 7, 8:30-11:30 pm
73 Daxing Hutong, Dongcheng
60 yuan (pre sale), 80 yuan (at door)

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