The fairer sex is suspiciously underrepresented in the Chinese indie scene. Dusk Dawn Club is bringing together a few of the city’s best bands founded by or consisting of female musicians for a one-night party.

The show includes performances by The Powder Powder, Time Street, Tong Band and Self Portrait.

The Powder Powder is a blues band founded in 2011 by a female vocalist and two men with an interest in early rock. Their live shows have a similar sound and feel to the music of the famous Woodstock Music Festival.

Time Street has five members including vocalist Tonny Tong, a young woman who loves the sound of 8-bit chiptunes. Time Street’s music is similar to the sounds of early video games, fusing 8-bit sounds with rock in interesting compositions.

Tong Band consists of four women born in the 1990s. The band was founded in 2012 and plays simple rock music that tells their passion and love for music and life. They shatter many of the stereotypes about girls’ bands with original music that attracts many listeners.

Self Portrait is a three-person Britpop band with two men and a female keyboard player.

October 28, 8:30-11 pm
14 Shanlao Hutong, Dongcheng
50 yuan (pre sale), 70 yuan (at door)

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