Migrant workers and temporary residents in Beijing are able to renew and reissue their ID cards in Beijing according to a new policy, Beijing Police announced on September 20.

Comprehensive ID support services for migrants became available in August. Since September, the service has been expanded to include migrant workers from up to 16 provinces such as Henan, Shandong and Heilongjiang.

Residents applying for an ID card update and revalidation must complete and submit several forms at the Hukou Registration Center of the police station in charge of their residence. Applicants must possess a Beijing temporary residence permit, a work permit and their original ID card as proof of identity.

The process also requires applicants to take a new photograph and complete a set of fingerprints. New ID cards will be issued 60 days after forms are submitted.

Some 2,536 migrant workers have already taken advantage of the service, police said.

“We’re happy to provide a useful and efficient service to any migrant workers affected by the new policy,” said the director of population management at the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau.

Migrant workers from Inner Mongolia, Guangxi, Xinjiang and Tibet, as well as those from certain counties and cities in Jilin, Sichuan, Heilongjiang, Liaoning and Qinghai, are unable to update their ID cards in Beijing.

The policy does not allow for the creation of temporary ID cards or the first issuance of new identity cards.

ID card updates costs 20 yuan and revalidation costs 40 yuan.

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