Indie folk singer Li Xiaojun never thought much of his parent’s plans for him to find a job and settle down.

Like many artists who have made it big, Li, 28, left his hometown of Anqing, Anhui province for the big city of Beijing in 2012. When his search for representation failed to land an album deal, Li took a job as a music teacher and spent six months working on original songs.

In May 2013, Li scraped together 200,000 yuan to cut and publish his own indie demo. He asked his friends to help him find places to distribute the album or win media attention. Once again, he failed to find an audience, and Li returned to Anhui to work off his debt.

In 2014, Li came to Beijing again. He was encouraged by friends to go to the city’s livehouses. At the time, he didn’t even know what a livehouse was.

Li turned to crowdfunding to pull together funds for a new album, and won support on several music platforms and communities. With the 20,000 yuan he raised, Li is taking his first album for a national tour.

September 11, 8-10:30 pm
0301 Building A, Chaowai SOHO, Dongcheng

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