Red Wall Garden Restaurant sits at the heart of the city’s historic Shijia Hutong. The tree-lined, low-rise lane connects the guests with Chinese history and an intense sense of exoticism.

With its pavilions, artistic sculptures, intriguing furnishings and antique courtyard, Red Wall Garden is an oasis of tranquility. The restaurant serves seasonal dishes based on the Eight Culinary Traditions of China.

Not many restaurants in Beijing are able to offer such a wide variety, but Red Wall Garden attempts to offer guests a memorable journey through Chinese culinary history. The executive chef focuses on fresh ingredients that preserve natural favor of each regional cuisine.

Red Wall Garden Quartet is the most unusual cold dish at the restaurant. The appetizer is designed by the chef based on the rest of the dishes that are ordered. It’s a personalized and beautifully-designed appetizer of four small dishes, including veggies and meat. It’s almost worth ordering just for the excitement and anticipation.

Main courses are even more creative. The top recommendation is the cod-chicken roll. A boneless chicken is stuffed with ingredients such as cod, cream and shredded chicken breast. The roll is crunchy outside and tender inside, and the cod melts in your mouth.

Another popular dish is grilled spring chicken with brown sauce. The chicken is grilled on an iron plate, and its delicious smell combines with a sweet, secret sauce to refresh your taste buds.

King Ribs are also worthy trying. The fat and lean meat of the rib is perfectly balanced, and the minced garlic takes it to another level of tastiness. We also recommend the clear shrimp balls, which glitter like a translucent pane of glass. This shrimp are crispy and delicate, and come in an aloe soup that will leave you marveling at the true creativity of Chinese cuisine.

Address: 41 Shijia Hutong
Hours: 10:30 am-10:30 pm
Price: 163 yuan/person
Contact: (010) 5219 0227; (010) 5169 2222

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