Stewed sliced fish in wine sauce is a representative of the Han Chinese dishes, a Shandong cuisine. The fish is tender, fresh and sweet, fragrant, favored by gourmets. The sauce is made from rice wine koji, marinated in Shaoxing wine and osmanthus halogen. So the sliced fish is fragrant fresh and delicious and.

The dish is with strong sauce flavor. The fish is tender and white, decorated with edible fungus and carrots, beautiful and delicious.

20 minutes.


  • A fresh fish
  • Two tablespoon sauce
  • A carrot
  • Five black fungus
  • Two parsleys
  • Two chives
  • Amount ginger
  • Amount egg white


  1. Cut out the skull of the fresh fish, then slice.
  2. Wash with salt water repeatedly until without mucus.
  3. Marinate in the mixture of egg white, salt, pepper for 10 minutes, then add wheat flour.
  4. Grind ginger, cut green onion, absorb fungus into water then tear into small pieces, sliced carrot, fry the sliced fish in big fire then spoon it out.
  5. Add some oil in the pot, fry green onion, ginger, then add carrots and fungus
  6. Pour a bowl of water, add white sugar and salt. Put sliced fish in.
  7. Add sauce, shake the pan.
  8. Add some flour water. Add some parley if you like.


  • Yellow croaker, Pomfret can be operated with skin on. General fish must be peeled.
  • Preparation of Fragrant koji wine sauce: 100g yellow wine koji mixes with 400g yellow wine . Add white sugar 40g, about four tablespoons, salt one spoon, little osmanthus sauce, marinate for 10 hours. Then pour into a clean cloth bag. The clear liquid is wine sauce after skim.
  • Raw materials should be soaking and bleaching water, strengthen the tenderness, and bleach the fishy smell. If use green fish, it can also drift to subcutaneous meat in the heme, increasing the whiteness of fish.
  • Add more sauce, the sliced fish tastes more tender.
  • Add sauce before flour water, so as to get strong wine sauce flavor.
  • Carrot and fungus are ornamental function. Add peas and corn if you like.
  • Cookware: A pan.

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