Joan-Trio is an indie cooperation based on the original music of Gong Jian. The lineup consists of singer-songwriter Gong Jian, blues harmonica player Jason Zhang and drummer Wu Zhijun.

Gong is a Beijing girl who works as guitarist and singer-song writer. She started to learn piano when she was two years old and took up the violin at six. By middle school she was writing her own songs. In 2009, Gong began to learn electronic guitar with Liu Yijun, the former guitarist of Tang Dynasty.

Zhang has performed and recorded with many of the great Chinese artists. He formed the first Blues Harp website in China and has contributed to the blues scene for many years.

Wu is a well-known blues and jazz drummer. He started his music career in Beijing in 1999 and was invited to join Hangtian Band, the first original blues band in China.

Since 2009, Gong has cooperated with more than 10 bands. Under the influence of her father, a traditional banhu player, she developed a deep understanding of Eastern and Western music.

Gong has played bass guitar in the live concerts of Chinese singers such as Zeng Yike, Xiong Rulin, Wanma, Jason Hong and Yao Band.

August 21, 9-11:30 pm
7 Dongmianhua Hutong, Dongcheng
50 yuan (pre sale), 60 yuan (at door)

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