Sea Hood is one of the city’s many concept restaurants notable for its unique dining environment and lack of tableware and utensils.

There are two Sea Hood branches in Beijing, one in U Town Mall and the other in Chaoyang Joy City. When the restaurant opens for dining hours, waitresses in red with crab-shaped hats stand outside to welcome in new customers.

The interior resembles an old cabin with many sea elements. There is a canoe suspended from the ceiling with a pair of straw sandals. Life buoys, various seashells and coral are seen in every corner of the restaurant. Customers who gaze upward are greeted by a view of swimming fish.

With a call of “Food is coming!” waitresses empty a bucket of seafood onto the table. Everything can be cooked according to personal taste. Other flavoring options include “Chinese” and spicy.

Waiters and waitresses dance at 1 pm, 7 pm and 8 pm. Customers who care to participate can join in.

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