Beijing’s Ninety-Nine Yurts is designed to celebrate Mongolia’s most famous architecture. The restaurant’s design and musical performances are enough to whisk any diner away to the grasslands.

Ninety-Nine Yurts is located in Mafang Village, far outside the city’s North 5th Ring Road. The distant location makes it easier to forget about the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy its delicious food, strong milk tea and rice wine. If your party is large enough, consider ordering a whole roast lamb from the grasslands.

Unlike restaurants that are located in commercial buildings or malls, Ninety-Nine Yurts occupies a sprawling prairie. While there is a dining hall, it’s much better to pick one of the yurts that serve as independent dining areas. Larger yurts are available for banquet parties.

The yurts are not all of the same design. While many are in Mongolian style, others are more similar to the yurts favored in Inner Mongolia or by the Kazakh people. Each yurt is decorated with Mongolian ornaments such as khada, totems, a picture of Genghis Khan, Mongolian knives and saddles.

For the dishes, it goes without saying that the roast leg of lamb is recommended for small groups.

The yurts can get very hot, so guests need to make an appointment if wanting to get an independent yurt. Appointments are not necessary for the regular dining hall area.

9 Yongtai Bei Lu, Mafang Village, Dongsheng Township, Haidian

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