Nali Patio is home to many of Sanlitun’s finest restaurants. It’s separated from the noise of Sanlitun Village by a wall, providing peace and quiet to diners within.

Particles Kitchen stands out among Nali’s Western food offerings, having assumed a space previously occupied by a Thai restaurant. The new owners are three young Chinese entrepreneurs in their 20s who returned to Beijing after finishing their studies at the University of Southern California.

Benoit Parrot, the head chef, is a young Frenchman with a love of Chinese culture. Parrot was the sous chef at Maison Pourcel in France, a Michelin two-star restaurant. He also provided food for the French Open as the distinguished chef of Potel et Chotel.

The lunch menu is printed on the wall. Its designer may be a fitness freak, since the set menus and salads are classified according to their protein and dietary fiber value.

Particles Kitchen offers foods made with healthy, fresh ingredients and provides them with intimate service. No foods are fried or barbecued, as Parrot believes such techniques will detract from a customer’s dining experience.

The kitchen of the restaurant is open, and the preparation of all dishes is transparent to customers.

No dishes are especially recommended, as all are exquisite and delicious.

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