Middle 8th Restaurant manages to be one of the city’s most secluded restaurants while flanking its busiest street. Located in a hutong off East Sanlitun Street, its small sign makes it especially difficulty to spot.

The restaurant features modern décor and a medal that recognizes it as offering Beijing’s Best Yunnan Dishes. Diners can see sunlight, blue sky and scenery through several glass windows on the roof. The restaurant favors whites and fashionable elements with a comfortable red sofa and marble floors. It’s a great space to relax, meet on date or see friends.

Yunnan dishes and snacks are the core offerings at Middle 8th. Forest mushrooms native to Yunnan, such as termitomyces, thelephora ganbajun and boletus, are some of the recommended green foods with a high nutritional value. It also serves Yunnan favorites such as steam pot chicken and Yunnan rice noodles.

Middle 8th has a number of homemade drinks. The Qiumo is a nice choice: it’s a tea made with honeysuckle and other herbs that tastes fresh and smooth. The house rice wine is also great.

People who visit must try the Kino roast veal, one of the advertised creative dishes. It combines fine veal with forest mushrooms and apples that prevent the meat from having a greasy texture.

One of the more unusual dishes is simply titled “Eat Insects.” It’s a big plate of many kinds of fried insects.

Trust us, it’s one you have to taste before you can understand how delicious it is.

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