Minced noodles are the favorite food in Shanxi Province. The most famous and authentic minced noodles are Qishan minced noodles. Minced noodle also has a very long history, it can be traced back to Zhou Dynasty, which was about 3000 years ago.

30 minutes


  • 150g fatty pork
  • 15g wet wood ears
  • 25g carrots
  • 100g dried tofu
  • 280g flour
  • 140g water
  • 15g bell peppers
  • 5g garlic
  • 5g green onions
  • ginger


  1. Combine 280g flour with 140g water to form a paste. Wrap the paste in plastic wrap and let it stand for 20 minutes.
  2. Roll the paste into a sheet using a rolling pin. Fold the big flap and cut it into strips, then stretch them to make handmade noodles.
  3. Chop the wet wood ear, dried tofu, carrot and bell pepper. Chop the green onion, garlic and ginger. Slice up the pork.
  4. Heat a wok with peanut oil. Add the pork and stir fry for 1 minute. Add the ginger and garlic and stir fry for 2 minutes, then add dark soy sauce, light soy sauce and cooking wine. Continue to cook until the ingredients are evenly colored.
  5. Add 100mL water and boil until it thickens and is absorbed.
  6. Stir fry the rest of the ingredients until they are colored. Then add 350mL water and boil for 8 minutes.
  7. Add chicken bouillon and green onion at the end, then turn off the stove.
  8. Boil the handmade noodles in another pot. Transfer noodles to a serving bowl and dress with the sauce.

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