Du Hsiao Yueh traces its origins to Taiwan in 1895. More than 100 years ago, a fisherman named Hong decided to find another way to make money during the season when he couldn’t fish: Xiaoyue.

The solution was homemade noodles. At first, Hong carried two baskets on a shoulder pole and sold them on the street. To his surprise, the noodles were very popular because of their unique flavor. Eventually, Hong gave up fishing to sell noodles.

In Taiwan, almost everyone is familiar with Du Hsiao Yueh’s dan-tzai noodles, one of the island’s most famous dishes. The special flavor comes from the chain’s exclusive pork sauce, which is only passed on to Hong’s descendants. The noodles are cooked with shrimp and tossed with mashed garlic and caraway seed.

The first Du Hsiao Yueh restaurant in Beijing opened in Parkview Green in 2013, and the chain quickly found a following. Thus far, there are six branches in Beijing. Key ingredients such as pork sauce, shrimp rolls, cuttlefish roe and vinegar and brought from Taiwan by air.

In Beijing, the noodles take a back seat to the chain’s pork sauce rice.

Dishes in Du Hsiao Yueh are sold in small portions. A trip to the restaurant generally works out to 60 yuan per person.

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