In Beijing, it’s hardly difficult to find Old Beijing specialties. For roast duck there is Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant; for tofu there is Baoji Patty; for sweets and snacks there is Huguosi Snacks; and for noodles there is Haiwanju.

But if you want to find all the Old Beijing favorites under one roof, stop by Sishitongtang Restaurant.

Sishitongtang is named for and inspired by a famous novel by Chinese writer Laoshe. The restaurant is very particular about recreating the novel. Its lighting, dishes and flatware are all inspired by the story.

As the novel Sishitongtang describes a prosperous and happy family, the restaurant strives to make diners feel as though they are at home in the upper class.

The restaurant’s Pea Cake comes stuffed and shaped like Mahjong tiles, and its traditional Sanbuzhan shows off the chef’s cooking skill. Sanbuzhan is a round, flat cake made with egg, starch, sugar and water. It tastes sweet while not sticking to one’s teeth, plate or chopsticks.

The xiaodiao litang, a kind of pear drink, is also recommended. Both the design of the teapot and the flavor of the drink are amazing. Last but not least, the roast duck is one of Sishitongtang’s signature dishes.

The interior decoration shows off Old Beijing curios that highlight Sishitongtang’s connection to local heritage. The restaurant also hires performers of Beijing’s traditional arts to entertain guests in its private rooms.

85 Xibianmennei Dajie, Xicheng
6566 6066

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