The Daily Meal, an American website that indexes delicacies, published its list of Asia’s 10 best restaurants in Asia. Half of the Top 10 were located in Beijing, and Duck de Chine 1949 placed second.

Duck de Chine 1949 Restaurant was originally located in the Sanlitun area. Its new location is on Jinbao Street, Dongcheng District, where it serves the best roast duck in Beijing.

While the chain is not as famous as Quanjude, diners who have tried both will tell you the food is much better.

Duck de Chine’s birds come paired with Champagne, and the restaurant has a lounge and Champagne Bar called Bollinger. The option of an attached bar gives customers far more choices of alcohol.

The Entire menu is based on roast duck and provides a series of innovative and traditional roast duck dishes. Chefs use Chinese materials and spices with French cooking methods that minimize the bird’s greasy texture.

Duck de Chine also provides a few other kinds of dishes, some of which are luxurious delicacies.

The restaurant is located in a big courtyard with magnificent traditional architecture. From the floor tiles to the paintings, the building conjures up a majestic and ancient feel. Each floor tile has two hand-painted duck heads.

The big oven in the center of the restaurant gives customers a chance to see the special cooking process of each roast duck.

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