2016 World No Tobacco Day is coming, the city center for disease prevention and control released a report on the use of tobacco of students. Report showed that, although in ten years the city’s elementary and middle school students smoking rate has declined, but in high school boys, the current smoking rate there are still 9%, and vocational high school students smoking rate is as high as 25%. CDC said that the next step will be to the vocational high school as the focus of tobacco control.

Beijing City Center for Disease Control released the “2005-2015 Beijing city student population tobacco use report”. It is understood that in the past ten years, the city center for Disease Control in Beijing city carried out the six student population of tobacco use survey, covering 16 areas, including more than 150 primary and secondary schools, more than 20 thousand students.

In accordance with the survey of proportion of smokers in the past 30 days, the investigation of the primary and secondary school students “smoking rate” has been statistically. The results show that nearly 10 years of primary and secondary school students now smoking rates have declined. The smoking rate of primary school students decreased from 7.4% in 2005 to 2% in 2015, while the current smoking rate of middle school students decreased from 9.4% to 5.7%, but there were still 9% in middle school boys.

At the same time, the survey introduces the concept of “trying smoking rate”, that is, people who have smoked, even if only once or twice of the population accounted for the proportion of the survey population. It is found that the numerical value can not be ignored. Especially in boys, in 2015, the primary school boys trying smoking rate is still 10.3%, to the junior high school, this value is then doubled, reaching 20.1%, that is, every five middle school boys have smoked a cigarette.

In addition, it is worth mentioning is that the survey found that Beijing City vocational high school students smoking situation is more serious, attempting smoking rate has reached more than 40%, and the current smoking rate is reached more than 25%, that is to say, within 30 days, a quarter of the vocational student smoke. This proportion has been essentially flatted with the adult data. In this regard, deputy director of the CDC Ceng Xiaopeng said vocational high school students in terms of economy, and loose restraint condition makes them easier access to tobacco, the next step will put the vocational High School of management as the focus of tobacco control.

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