National Tourism Administration recently issued the “National Tourism Administration on Tourism uncivilized behavior records management Interim Measures,” the nine categories of tourists’ uncivilized behavior will be included in the “black list””. At the same time, if there is a price fraud, forced trading, deceiving tourist consumption and other similar behavior will also be included in the “black list.”

Chinese tourists in the process of domestic and foreign tourism in violation of laws, regulations and public order at home and abroad, resulting in serious social adverse effects of behavior, will be included in the tourism uncivilized behavior records, mainly include 9 types: disrupting aircraft, travel or other public transport order; destruction of public sanitation and public facilities; violation of social customs and ethnic habits; damage cultural relics and historic sites of tourism destination; participate in gambling, pornography and drug-related activities; despite the discouraging and warning, participate in activities endangering oneself and others’ personal property security ; destruction of the ecological environment and wildlife protection; violation of regulations of the tourism places, disturb the order of tourism; and other behavior causing sever adverse social effects defined by Department of tourism administration under the State Council.

At the same time, tourism practitioners engaged in tourism management and service process in violation of laws and regulations, work norms, public order and good customs, professional ethics, behavior causing serious social adverse effects, will also be included in the “tourism uncivilized behavior record”. Mainly include: the price fraud, forced transactions, deception induced tourist consumption; insult, assault, stress tourists; disrespect the tourism destinations or the religious beliefs, customs, taboos of the tourists; propagation vulgar, propaganda superstition; other tourism uncivilized behavior designated by the competent department of the State Council in charge of tourism.

The information storage period defers from 1 years to 5 years, implemented dynamic management. For tourism uncivilized behavior parties in violation of the criminal law, the time limit for preservation of such behavior differs from 3 years to 5 years; tourist uncivilized behavior of the parties by administrative penalty or a court decision responsibility, information retention period is 2 years to 4 years; tourism uncivilized behavior that not subject to laws and regulations on punishment, but caused serious impact on society, information retention period is 1 year to 3 years.

In addition, national staff deliberately provides wrong information or tampering, damaged, illegal use, “tourism uncivilized behavior record information release, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the responsible personnel administrative sanction; if the circumstances are serious, shall be investigated for legal responsibility.

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