In spite of the name, tea has never been the focus of Hong Kong’s “tea restaurant” tradition. Most establishments offer only a handful of steeped beverages, focusing instead on Cantonese dim sum and other snacks.

Milk tea, steamed rice rolls and pineapple buns are the quintessential offerings of the tea restaurant.

Uncle Tea arrived in Beijing last year after opening 55 other branches around the country. The first Beijing location is by Liangmaqiao in Chaoyang District, and it is considered the capital’s best tea restaurant. The décor features old Hong Kong posters designed to call up nostalgia for Hong Kong’s colonial past.

Like most tea restaurants, Uncle specializes in traditional Cantonese snacks. Curry fish balls are among the most popular snacks. The dish is found along most of China’s southern coastal cities that have access to fresh fish and starch. Dianping reviewers also recommended Uncle’s smooth milk tea, served either hot or iced.

At an average of 90 yuan per person, the cost of Uncle Tea is in line with the city’s average. It also offers a 38 yuan “super afternoon tea combo” with one drink, one tray of dim-sum and one snack selected the restaurant’s specialties.

High traffic and popularity means that reservations will be necessary for the foreseeable future if you want to avoid a long queue.

B1, DRC (Diplomatic Residence Compound), Liangmaqiao, Chaoyang
(010) 8531 5118

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