Xiaowu Kitchen has been rising in popularity on Dianping.com’s rankings for several months. The cozy restaurant is located in the midst of Sanlitun’s busy office area and caters to customers who want healthy dishes and a positive lifestyle.

The menu at Xiaowu Kitchen doesn’t have many stir-fried options. Most dishes are simply steamed or boiled and made of common ingredients like beef, chicken or fish. Its most popular order is Beef Rice, a dish served at most Chinese fast-food chains.

But the restaurant seems confident enough to prominently advertise such ordinary dishes. Reviewers praised its Beef Rice for having a smooth taste and sizable portion.

Xiaowu Kitchen also provides drinks made of water chestnuts, an Asian fruit to which Chinese medicine attributes the power to dispel inner heat.

The home-made food and cozy environment has given many customers a deep impression. The owner transformed it into a big, open kitchen similar to the style found in many homes. Customers enjoy their meals on benches and long tables with high bookshelves along the wall. Fresh-squeezed juices are made within eyesight, making the restaurant vibe even more like being at home.

The restaurant is popular enough that reservations are recommended. The group-buy combo deal offered on Dianping.com is a money-saving option for first-timers who are unsure what to order.

Xiaowu Kitchen is a good option for small gatherings of family and friends or quieter dates.

B1333 Sanlitun SOHO, Chaoyang
(010) 8590 0700
95 yuan per person

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